January 10, 2009

Today you could use a prompt to write about chocolate!! HA! I ate the chocolate instead!! Nothing there to write about anymore!! LOL.....There were many prompts on this page in the book, but the THINGS THAT FRUSTRATE ME prompt was one that jumped off the page and spoke to me....Because I have been feeling a bit frustrated lately!! (So what else is new!!) and I need to sit and remind myself of the lessons that can be learned from the frustration...I mean, we all know the Count to 10 one that we learned as children (do we actually use that one often when we react from frustration?...NO, at least I can honestly say I do not) and then a friend of mine has the 24 HOUR Rule (sit on something for 24 hours and then react!! HA! this one is not one I use either) I am a quick reactor...some have even said I shoot first and ask questions later...I am not sure WHY I do that...but I do....SO today, with this prompt I am reminding myself that when things frustrate me I DO have the option of not reacting so quickly.....I DO have the option to learn the lessons that frustration can teach me....I DO have the option to be very aware and grow....and when all else fails...
Artfully Yours,


Judy H in NC said...

Things that frustrate me.....

those little shopping carts in the grocery store and parents who think it is cute, on a busy Saturday morning, to let little Billy and Suzy push their carts around and do the "shopping". If they are not blocking the aisle, they are running the cart into the back of your legs and all you want do to is get that 1 item off the shelf where they have taken up residence and you can't reach it without acknowledge Billy and Suzy are the cutest things ever.....of course, when they turn their backs, a quick shove with your foot sends the cart wwwaaaayyyyy down the aisle. You can say "how cute" with your teeth firmly clenched together!

Can you guess I did some grocery shopping today?

Sharon said...

To help myself from not shooting off my mouth and later shooting myself in the foot, I tell myself: Keep them guessing. Let the body language speak my truth.

Didn't answer my brother's Christmas email. He dissed me last summer. I didn't send Christmas Cash to his kids.

Not a word was said, but the message from me to him was clear.

One of Jackie Kennedy Onassi's tenets was: Don't get mad. Get even.

Hope that helps.

Doe Grozs Art said...

How timely this one is for me:-)
As I read my (personal) horoscope this morning, Mars square Mars! - it warned me of this... unfortunately I read it after the fact... now, where's that chocolate..