January 27, 2009

I did not get to journal till late tonight...life just got in the way....but there was a prompt on the page today that it was National Chocolate Cake Day!! That made me laugh right out loud...so I decided it was a good reason to celebrate!! To remind myself to celebrate the day for any apparently silly reason!! The Ode to chocolate cake was a fast and furious writing...but you can see...I really like vanilla cake!! LOL....Got to love the fact that one can find humor in the simplest of things!
Artfully Yours,

PS: While doing these journal pages and interviewing Jill...I was reminded of how many very talented friends I have here on the net....So next month I will be interviewing my friend Shelia over at Halo Hill...Stop by her blog...say hello...and watch for her interview in February!!

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Halo Hill said...

YOU are amazing! Every journal page you do looks like it should be framed on a wall. They are all so beautiful!