January 23, 2009

I have had a very busy day today....but doing my journal page tonight lightened me up quite a bit!! Thinking of my feet...what a wonderful instrument that we do not pay homage to as often as we should...we say a lot of negative about our feet..."oh, my feet hurt"..."I've been standing on my feet all day and they hurt"...oh, my aching feet"...but the truth is...they are marvelous!! And we should pamper them more...tonight I think I will decorate my toes with new polish to let them know just how much I appreciate them...I adorn my toes with rings and bracelets...and try very hard to wear "sensible" shoes to pamper them...SO tonight I toast my feet!! There was a prompt about X-RAYS...and I was reminded of an altered book of Muses I did several years ago with 4 other extraordinary women and the X-RAY Muse came to mind...So I wrote a little about her and that brought a smile and a memory to me....and the feelings that my creativity makes me feel....PRICELESS!!
Artfully Yours,

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