January 18, 2009....AND THE WINNER IS.....

Big drawing for the Awe-Manac book....and the WINNER IS: KATE! (I will contact you for your addy ASAP....so the book can be sent off and started!!)
Today, as I did my journal page...the prompt that spoke to me was that of MAINTENANCE!
And as I focused on that word...it brought to my attention WHY I do these pages...WHY I sit with the Awe-Manac every day....I do it to clean up and clear out the negative...the cobwebs...and it makes me focus on the positive side of my creativity....I listed 3 things that work for me when I stay creative....and the fruit of my common sense tells me to take ONLY as much as I need....sometimes I am very guilty of biting off more than I can chew!! Doing to many things at once and then not finishing anything!! Losing interest before completion...So today, I work on completing things here in my studio...one piece at a time!! Slowly ...chewing to completion...maintaining a positive attitude!!
CONGRATULATIONS KATE!!! May you discover your MAINTENANCE every day while doing the Awe-Manac. Thanks to all who joined in on leaving a comment....I appreciate it! You can run out and buy the book....you can order it over the net....(do yourself a small favor today...don't put it off...start your maintenance!!)
Artfully Yours,


Halo Hill said...

Holy Cow, your maintenance post fits me to a "T". Did my husband call you and ask you to drop me a hint???

I've been thinking about that too, and I've started completing. (Sounds funny, huh)! Anyway, I'm "on the same page" and speaking of pages, your journal pages are gorgeous! Even your pages look like they are pieces of art ready to frame.


Kate said...

Great journal page and I agree with Sheila your pages could be framed. Thanks so much for the book, I am excited and thankful to have won.