January 30, 2009

This journal page came fast and furious to me today!! Some days, I am aware that I have to put a little more "jelly" on the toast of the day!! A little more sweetness into my thoughts...my actions...my life....Lately I have been addressing things that are a bit uncomfortable...thoughts, and situations that have been left unspoken....although that is somewhat "uncomfortable" I am breaking it in (like a new pair of shoes) and I am sure that soon I will feel as if it is my favorite place to be...my favorite pair of shoes despite the blisters I might be feeling at the moment...because "WHO SAID" that I must stop living my life as if it were my own? Certainly not me....IT MUST OF BEEN SOMEONE ELSE!!! (that inner negative voice!!) So as my friend Royce, wrote....BE...GIN...BE...GIN...BE...GIN (with the beating of your heart) again...I hold on tightly to that saying and I breathe slowly...in and out to feel the beating of MY HEART while I work through the fear!
Artfully Yours,

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yertle said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am still here reading along with your every day. Sadly, I have not cracked open the book myself. Each time I visit it feels like I am one step closer to doing it though. Thanks for that.