January 25, 2009

Today, is Sunday....and although I have some domestic goddess things to attend to...they are FEW and so I get to PLAY ALL DAY in my studio....my studio...my room!! No one but me likes to be in here....so cluttered...so messy...so full of creative chaos!! My "dream" room would be organized...neat and orderly...a place where tops were on paints and things were not piled on the floor...I was looking at a magazine....WHERE WOMEN CREATE...dreaming of these nice clean orderly places...and realized that I would NEVER be able to find anything if it was that clean!! LOL....The chaos somehow fuels my energy....Wonder if they will ever show a REAL working studio in one of those magazines?!?!?! One of the prompts today, was to use the word "pieces" and I made a list of the first 5 things that came to mind when I thought of that word...and then wrote a small quick story for myself using those thoughts....Causing me to realize that the "pieces" of my life come together so much BETTER when I do allow my creativity (even in the chaos of life) to shine through!! So, now....I am off to PLAY and ENJOY this creative day!!
Artfully Yours,


Kate said...


I think the same thing when I have seen the Studios magazine and Where Women Create too. I thought of offering my studio as an example of what you can do on a budget but its probably not pretty enough.

see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUBJeqQN65M


Kat said...


Thanks for the delicious way you bring your creativity to life. I just *found* Jill B.'s book at Chapters yesterday, tinkered with this link and that and found YOU.

What you've been doing thus far is what I've been dreaming about for myself but am somehow blocked to do.

Somehow, experiencing your work loosens the "gremlins' grip" a bit.



laurel said...

I'm with you there. My room looks neat about twice a year because I use it as an extension of the dining room for big family holiday get togethers but the rest of the time I end up with this tiny little spot to work in while I'm surrounded by containers of paint, stamps and paper. Maybe I could suspend something from the ceiling to put things on. I love it when I get a whole day to play in my room. ;-)