It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my mentor and friend, Jill Badonsky! I have known Jill for about 8 years now...when I was going through a difficult time in my life, I picked up her book, THE NINE MODERN DAY MUSES AND A BODY GUARD....from the very first page, my life started to change...I wrote her...and discovered, that in my heart, I had known her all my life! And now, I am pushing new boundaries for myself with the Awe-Manac!

So picture if you will....two woman sitting in big comfy chairs....hot coffee in steaming mugs...smiling... laughing...and talking...

I have to tell you Jill, I am extremely happy to be the first person to start you off on your blog tour...and I am overloaded with questions for you....But I know so is everyone else and you will be off to other blogs...so I am keeping this to 5 questions for you...allowing a sip of coffee here and there!!

ME: Being a published writer, how was this book a challenge for you? And what did you do to overcome those challenges?

JILL: This book was a challenge because I obsessed endlessly over how to work the graphics and the content together. It actually took me a year to figure it out. Half the time I tried to incubate an answer by staring off into space waiting for inspiration to emerge, and the other (more productive) half I played and experimented with a lot of trial, error, frustration and finally coming up with what was published. Now I wonder what took me so long. It was really difficult getting the concept of what I wanted the whole to look like across to the graphics department at Running Press but because they are so about making it the way the author wants it, we all preserved. Staying calm and not being too attached to perfection is a big help. I am also an incredibly talented procrastinator, painfully so. It was a challenge to focus on the Awe-manac as sometimes it is with anything in my life. I dealt with this by making it as fun to write as possible. Luckily I had a terrific editor who likes my wacky sense of humor so she left in most of my quirky comments.

ME: How did writing the Awe-Manac change you?

JILL: Great question. There are a few ways that it changed me. It made me believe in the process of creativity to lift me above the darkness in my life, to remind me of my resilience and that space of joy that's untouched by anything or anyone one on the outside.. I went through a great deal of loss and stress while I was writing it, but in the process of writing and creating, I was in bliss. Writing The Awe-manac also cultivated my quirkiness even deeper and made me get back to my art – it has inspired ideas for lots of future books.

ME: What are your hopes that the Awe-Manac will do for readers?

JILL: I believe in the book's tagline: A Daily Dose of Wonder. I think if we expose ourselves to inspirational quotes, juicy writing and art prompts, ways to align our thinking with our higher more creative selves, we truly can be ageless and filled with joy. I hope this book will inspire people to experiment with small ways to be creative, to open it when they need a lift, and shift their thinking when life smudges it a bit.

ME: Is there another book idea on the wings of your dreams? What advice can you give readers to stay true to their passion?

JILL: I'm working on a few books. I'd really like to do a sequel to The Awe-manac called Awe-manac Reloaded but that's a little premature. I'm working on a book that goes with a creativity coaching club I run called Body Blissmas (and a Happy New Rear http://www2bodyblissmas.com). I'd also like to write a novel about a self-help author that is a basket case and I'd like to do another book on the incredible ability of the creative process to save us from ourselves. Pattie, you're a great example of someone staying true to your passion. You inspire me with how much art you do and how regularly you do it. Making just a little time daily to do a little something, to always be asking small questions about what's next, to take small steps and believe in yourself – if you do not have confidence, practice just a little more confidence daily. Practice, patience, persistence. NO COMPARISON to others.. do your own thing.
ME: What will you do in the next 1/2 hour?

JILL: I will work on creating and sending you the page to post in your blog, then I'm going to a birthday party.Thanks for being the first Blog-Tour host. You are awe-mazing.

Thanks Jill for your insight...for your humor...for your ability to share who you are with all of us so that we can allow ourselves to take one small step at a time to unlock our passions....I for one am grateful! Jill has graciously offered to share the January 5th page with all readers here today....Do not worry that you have not started this book on the 1st of January...You can pick it up and start any day of the year....give yourself permission to do something just for you this year that will help unlock your dreams...
Artfully Yours,

PS: I will post MY January 5th Journal page after I finish my coffee with my friend Jill...
ENJOY the Awe-Manac page....ENJOY your day....ENJOY LIFE!


Sharon said...

How upbeat, Pattie. Your questions cover a range from regular things I want to know about a new book and its author to the last one, which I would never have thought to include. Kudos. Clever, complete, and Pattie/Jill quirky!

I don't blog or I would have offered to spread the word about this fabulously creative book.

If you are reading this and do not have Awe-manac, run...do not walk...to your favorite bookstore.

Janet Whtehead said...

Oh How fun is this! Delighted to watch you two have coffee and crumpets. (It was crumpets, wasn't it?) I, too, love the Awe-Manac and the brilliance of Jill. And your blog, Patricia, is inspiring!