January 22, 2009

Today, as I set about doing my journal page with the prompts from the Awe-Manac...my imagination was playing....The conversation with my cats caused me to laugh right out loud...what would they say to me??? Better yet...how would I answer?!?!? Thanks to Kitt and Ivy I have learned the fine art of the CAT NAP!!! and do so enjoy it snuggled under my blanket mid afternoon with one cat at my side and one nestled behind the bend in my knee!! The Journal Juju was to take the book title...Lines and Shadows and see what came of it....It was a negative and positive thing for me....and the little drawing showed me no color....But it also make me aware that if I am in the negative all I have to do is flip the coin...turn a corner...take another step...or a CAT NAP and things change! I am also aware of how many times I don't make opportunities for myself...that I transfer things from list to list and that at the moment of the thought is when I should react...I should just allow the opportunity to be written down...and made available to me...not putting it off....It was a good journal day of learning and allowing my imagination to play!!
Artfully Yours,

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Doe Grozs Art said...

I'm just loving these journal pages! Just came back from book store, using a gift card I received... guess what I bought :-)
Thanks for your inspiration!!!!