January 16, 2009

Today, I am enjoying the "nothingness" of this day....Right now...nowhere to go...nowhere that I have to be...Relaxing and Enjoying this morning with myself...with my creativity with this journal age!! Does that mean that it won't change today....WELL...I am HOPING it won't change as there is a wind chill factor here in upstate NY of 10 degrees below zero (can we say BURRRR!!) and I do not want to go outside and leave the comfort of my toasty house if I do not have to!! So sticking with the theme of "nothing" I am hoping against all odds to do just that...relax and enjoy whatever it is that I want to do...and if that is nothing...then so be it!! LOL....Again...I love to play with the word pool....and I just write without thinking of the outcome...After I finished this game I read the snippet and it made me laugh right out loud...because all though it appears to be "nothing"... words strung together quickly....It actually says SOMETHING....It tells me to be aware of the sparkling whispers around me...to wield my sneaker at any bump in the road....to not go down the black tunnel but to STOP and be quiet...to relax and enjoy...and to weave dreams out of the emptiness ....And to of course...NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH ONE SHOE ON!! To always try to be present!! ( All that from a funny little run on sentence!! )LOL
Artfully Yours,

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