January 2, 2009

I could not wait to get to the journal till this evening...perhaps I will get into a different routine as time passes, but like anything else my excitement to get to the next page of the journal and the book called me early today! Viewing my life from a cat's point of view made me laugh (and I thank Kitt and Ivy, my cats for showing me what a cats' life is all about!) ....especially if I could sit on laps more...but then I thought...wouldn't that be just the thing to do for comfort...wouldn't you just love to crawl up on someone's lap during a moment of sadness and have them hold you...stroke you...love you...it brought to mind that I need to be more mindful of the way I treat others...and to be more gentle with them and myself....The kindness I bring to myself today is to allow myself to step back and NOT COOK....to not have to always be what I envision is the "perfect" suburban housewife!....thus helping me to add more humor in my life!! letting go of perfection...laughing more...to remember as I walk the tight rope of life that if I should feel myself at a dip...at an uneasy spot that I only need to take one more step to get past that...that the dreams are there for me to reach by holding on...going on...one small step at a time to keep my balance...gently leading me toward my stars...where my art and writing complete me...where love surrounds me...where I can ENJOY LIFE more!
Artfully Yours,

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